National Native Alcohol and Drug Abuse Program Worker

Tsawout First Nation - Wellness
Saanichton, British Columbia




 PROGRAM SUMMARY: Tsawout First Nation is seeking a dedicated and compassionate National Native Alcohol and Drug Abuse Program Worker (NNADAP Worker) to join our Wellness team. The NNADAP Worker will play a vital role in developing and implementing a community based addiction prevention, intervention, and education program. This position involves working closely with individuals, families, and the community to promote wellness, healing and recover.


Assessment and Case Management:

  • Conduct comprehensive assessments to identify the needs and strengths of individuals seeking support for alcohol and drug-related issues.
  • Develop individualized treatment plans in collaboration with clients, incorporating cultural traditions and values.
  • Provide ongoing case management to monitor progress and make necessary adjustments to treatment plans.

 Counseling and Support:

  • Offer culturally appropriate counseling and support services to individuals and their families.
  • Facilitate group therapy sessions and educational workshops on addiction, recovery, and related topics.
  • Maintain a safe and non-judgmental environment for clients to share their experiences and concerns.

 Prevention and Education:

  • Design and deliver community education programs and workshops on alcohol and drug abuse prevention.
  • Raise awareness about the risks associated with substance abuse and promote healthy alternatives.
  • Collaborate with schools, community organizations, and local leaders to implement prevention initiatives.

 Cultural Competency:

  • Respect and incorporate Indigenous cultural practices, traditions, and values into all aspects of service delivery.
  • Work closely with Elders and traditional healers to integrate cultural healing practices into treatment plans.

Documentation and Reporting:

  • Maintain accurate and confidential client records, including progress notes, treatment plans, and assessments.
  • Prepare reports as required by funding agencies and regulatory bodies.

Advocacy and Outreach:

  • Advocate for improved access to addiction treatment services within Indigenous communities.
  • Collaborate with community partners and agencies to enhance resources and support for addiction prevention and treatment.


  • Bachelor's degree in social work, psychology, counseling, or a related field (Master's degree preferred).
  • Certification or licensure in addiction counseling (e.g., Certified Addiction Counselor, Licensed Clinical Social Worker).
  • Experience working in Indigenous communities and addressing substance abuse issues is a significant asset.
  • Strong cultural competency and understanding of Tsawout traditions, history, and contemporary issues.
  • Empathy, compassion, and excellent communication skills to establish trust and rapport with community members of diverse backgrounds and age groups.
  • Knowledge of available social services, government programs, and resources relevant to the Tsawout community.
  • Ability to work independently and as part of a team, with strong problem-solving and decision-making abilities.
  • Drivers License and Clean Drivers Abstract is required.
  • Vulnerable Sector Criminal Record Check is a condition of employment.



Respect for and working knowledge of the Tsawout culture is required.

 Personal Attributes

The NNADAP Worker maintains strict confidentiality in performing their duties and demonstrates the following personal attributes: Respect, Empathy, Strength, Pride and Equality

 Our Benefits package includes:

  • Medical insurance
  • Dental insurance
  • Vision insurance
  • Long-term disability insurance
  • Life insurance

Preference may be given to qualified individuals of First Nation Ancestry.

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